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The History of the Westside Cultural & Athletic Club started in 1976 by the Founder and Executive Director, Erica Wright who has devoted her energy, time and support to inner-city children residing in the West Warren - West Grand Boulevard area.  Ms. Wright recognizes that too many parents who were involved in drugs and other negative behavior did not take an interest in the positive development of their children.


Mission Statement

"The Mission of Westside is to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment for children to learn and play.


The Goal of the program is to provide year round, free constructive activities and programs to children who cannot afford to pay for programs around or outside of this community.   Hopefully, by attending this program the participants will benefit not only from engaging in constructive activities but also from exposure to other life styles that are more productive and positive.   Westside deeply feels that its programs provide not only a place to go for fun; it also offers a solution to negative activities and behavior.  We here at Westside are committed to helping children develop positive skills.


The Purpose of the program is to ensure that children and youth from at risk homes have a safe and fun place to learn and participate in constructive activities.


Our boundaries are between West-Scotten Street, East-Jefferies freeway, North - I-94 freeway, South-Nail Street.

Population Served

All those who live within our organizations boundaries (primarily Senior citizens, children and youths ages 5 to 18).


Seasonal sports, Conflict Resolution classes, Life Skills sessions, Homework tutoring, Nutrition classes, Community garden experience, Summer Youth Employment through the City of Detroit, Teen Club, Volunteer experiences, Cultural Enrichment, Adopt-a-Grandparent program, Arts and Crafts, Adopt-a-Little Sister program, African-American History, Educational Table Games, Talent Shows, Olympic Day, Peer Mentoring, Neighborhood Clean-up, Field Trips to Cultural Events, Annual Community Reunion, Educational and fun events.


Leadership Team

  WrightErica Wright

Erica Wright, Founder and Director of the award-winning Westside Cultural & Athletic Club, is a nationally recognized youth advocate.  Wright, a volunteer who since 1974 has devoted her life to youngsters and senior citizens in a westside Detroit community, has been featured in national and Detroit-area publications ranging from Ebony Magazine and Newsweek to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, and Michigan Chronicle.  She also has received recognition from a number of institutions and individuals, including the Detroit City Council and then-First Lady Barbara Bush.


Westside Cultural & Athletic Club, 1974 - Present: Founder and Director of comprehensive community programs serving youths and senior citizens.  Duties include extensive administrative oversight, direct management and hands-on recreational, tutorial and conflict-resolution tasks.

Internal Revenue Service, 1968-1974: Computer operator, formated IRS programs for more efficient processing and collection and assisted programmers.

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Highland Park Community College, Business Administration Major, 1963-64

Saint Leo High School, Class of 1963


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